Tara | Philadelphia, PA

My favorite way to stay in motion is attending classes at my local gym and running races to help keep me motivated to reach my goals! I love Latinas in Motion because it allows me to meet amazing women from all over who all have the same vision for staying fit and healthy without judging each other. It also allows me to create amazing relationships with complete strangers!! Once a stranger, now a SOLE-SISTER for life.

-Tara | Philadelphia, PA

Ana | Philadelphia, PA

Why do you love Latinas in Motion? I love Latinas in Motion because it motivates women from all walks of life to be active! Before Latinas in Motion, I could not even imagine running a 5k race! With these ladies I feel invincible! I have ran the Broad Street Run twice now while wearing my Latinas in Motion gear proudly! As I'm running and see a sole runner sister in front of me, I feel more energy to keep running & not give up! Running can be tough, but when you cross that finish line & get your medal...it's all worth it! That feeling of accomplishment & pride you get is like no other! My sister Bianca introduced me to LIM, and I am so grateful!

- Ana | Philadelphia, PA